Software development

The Xinutec community develops open source software used to provide services to its members and guests. We maintain a fork of the Internet Relay Chat server InspIRCd in our git repository at GitHub. In addition, we forked the Irssi IRC client, which we also maintain in a repository at GitHub.

We forked InspIRCd so that we can easily implement additional features we deem useful for our network. Our Irssi fork happened because of the unfortunate lack of upstream activity. We maintain, correct and extend this console IRC client for a cleaner Perl interface and better Unicode handling.

If you want to contribute to our software, it is as simple as sending a GitHub pull request, sending an email or talking to one of our staff members to tell us where your git repository is at.

Most of our joint software development efforts, including the two forked projects, do not require a Contributor License Agreement to be signed. For the few that do require one, you may refer to the contributing page for further information.