Special channel modes

These channel modes are somewhat unusual and provided by additional inspircd modules, most of which are part of upstream inspircd however.


You can set an auto-op mode on a channel with +w o:z:$SHA where $SHA is the SHA-1 fingerprint of a given client certificate which can be obtained by issuing /whois on a user. If there is no fingerprint listed there, it means the user isn't connected using a client certificate. In this case they can not use the method described here and should generate a client certificate first

It may also be used to auto-voice certain clients with +w v:z:$SHA. Please note that the "z" type reop ignores everything after a # character, so you can affix a comment to it, e.g. +w v:z:$SHA#Peter, if Peter is the person who owns the certificate belonging to this hash. SHA-1 fingerprints take the form of 40 character hexadecimal numbers, i.e. 40 characters between 0-9 and A-F.

Registering your channel

While we do not provide nickname and channel as registration service packages as most other networks do, you can request our staff to set channel mode +P which makes modes and the topic on the channel permanent. Combined with the auto-op mentioned above, this provides you with an advanced and cryptographically secure way of regaining your channel after a disconnect. If you want to unregister a channel, simply ask our staff to remove the mode again.


I believe examples are more descriptive than explaining everything in too much detail, so here are some:

This mode gives people who are connected via SSL voice on join:

/mode #foo +w v:z:*

This mode gives people with an SSL client certificate voice on join by checking that the SSL fingerprint is at least one character long:

/mode #foo +w v:z:?*

Ban people who are not connected via SSL (ban everybody, then make a ban exemption for people who use SSL):

/mode #foo +be *!*@* z:*

Only allow people with any SSL client certificate to join the channel:

/mode #foo +be *!*@* z:?*

Ban a user with a certain SSL client certificate from this channel (consider the all-zero fingerprint an example value for a SHA-1 fingerprint)

/mode #foo +b z:0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Please note that they can just generate a different SSL client certificate so banning everybody and whitelisting a select few people using +e and their respective fingerprint is a better approach in this case.

Automatically voice somebody by fingerprint:

/mode #foo +w v:z:0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Automatically give channel op status to somebody by fingerprint:

/mode #foo +w o:z:0000000000000000000000000000000000000000